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The group who are called Vybz Kartel would form from the man Adijah Palmer and would begin his musical career in late 1993. He would go on to be one of the most highly awarded dance music artist of the present and play his style to the delight of his many adoring fans.


Vybz Kartel Songs List:

Song Album Released Listen
Yuh Love Yuh Love 2009
Don't Diss Me vybes n ting
Me A Pree Jan 2012 @fyahmusic NEW SEASON 2012 HDD HQQ 4D 2012
Gaza Girl Dollar Sign / Whine Fi Me / Gaza Girl 2009
Vybz Kartel 2012 - Give Way Di Pum Pum 2012
Whine Pon Di Cocky Gyal N/a 2010
Dancehall Hero (Raw) Vybz Kartel Clarks De Mix Tape Raw 2010
Get Gyal Easy Unknown Album (6/9/2010 4:18:29 PM)
Beg You A Fuck Mischef Sound Crew - Dancehall Fever 2K10 2010
Vybz Kartel edf riddim EDF Riddim 2011
Vybz Kartel - Teacher - Gaza
High Grade May Day Riddim Rider, Vol.13 2003
Every Gal A My - SILVER BULLET SOUND - DANCEHALL MIX CD VOL...13 - 2011 2011
Good Morning Mr. Buddy Anger Management Riddim 2004
War Nah Talk Over Anger Managament Riddim / 2006
Jah Jah Never Fail 2010
Love You Enuh Lost Angel Riddim 2011
Hot Grabba kartel 2010
Hustle The Money Good Life Riddim 2009
Nah Go Nuh Weh Chiney K Riddim 2009
Breddaz In Paris WWW.COKE.WEN9.COM 2012
Dancehall Hero - Raw Dancehall Hero - Ep 2010
Foot Pon Shoulder Straight Jeans And Fitted 2011
careful ft. di genius
Tic Toc Riddim Driven: R.A.W. 2006
Foot Pon Shoulder (Raw) Straight Jeans And Fitted 2011
Vybz Kartel - More Life djrambo954 exclusive single
Kill Dem Riddim Driven: Beauty And The Beast 2009
Comforter (Raw) Enemy Lines(Remastered) & Friendly Fire(Enemy Lines Pt.2) 2011
Everybody Riddim Rider Volume 20 : Father Jungle Rock 2004
Vybz Kartel - Virginity Kartel 2009 2009
Gal A Weh Me Duh Yuh
Whine Pan Di Cocky Gyal - Vybz Kartel Dem A Self Destruct 2010
Visa Dreamweaver - Riddim Driven 2004
Dancehall Hero Part 2 2011
12 Gauge Riddim Driven: 12 Gauge 2007
Most High Riddim Driven - Mexican 2002
Love Forever Riddim 2009
Broad Daylight Day Break Riddim 2009
Vybz kartel - Money Dj Legin Kartel Madness
Weh Dem A Go Day Rave Riddim 2009
Dem A Gangster Don Corleon Presents - Godfather Riddim 2009
No Violation Arrows Dancehall Stars, Vol.7 2007
Smaddy Affi Bawl Fight Fi War Riddim 2009
Ghetto Youths Rise Tear Drop: A Cry For Unity 2009
Look Pon We ft. Russian
No Apology Bomb-A-Drop 2005
- Supem Ago Happen Street Team Riddim 2009

Vybz Kartel

Every man grab a gyal, and every gyal grab a man…

Jamaican Born

The group who are called Vybz Kartel would form from the man Adijah Palmer and would begin his musical career in late 1993. He would go on to be one of the most highly awarded dance music artist of the present and play his style to the delight of his many adoring fans. He has been involved with numerous disputes with other musicians in his industry and the latest has yet to be dealt with.

Career Start

In late 1993, Adijah would release his first single called Love Fat Woman that would be produced under the One Heart Label. He went by the name Adi Banton to show homage to the rapper Buju Banton. He would gon on to record tracks for many local produces and finally in 1996 he would decide to form a group with Mr. Lee and another singer who called himself Escobar. It is said that the group would choose their name after watching a movie or documentary concerned with Pablo Escobar. This group would not last long due to personality conflicts and Adijah would find himself in the solo arena once again although he would keep the name Vybz Kartel.

He would continue to work in the music industry and enter many contests under that state name. He would get his first break in 1998 at the Champions in Action Stage show. This would afford him a ticket into the music community and he was even heralded by another artist of referred to himself as Bounty Killer who would go on to say that the young Adijah had a lot of potential.

He would go on to ride the coat tails of Bounty Killer and collaborate with him on many new works such as Girls Like Mine and Gal Clown. After this new found success in the rap community, he would go on to begin releasing his own hit singles some of which were called Most High and War Organizer. He would go on to win an award under the category of DJ of the year at the Stone Love thirtieth anniversary show.

Continued Success

Vybz Kartel would continue to gain a solid fan base through his lyrics and this would lead him to perform many more venues than he had previously been afforded. He would also go on to collaborate with many international rap artists and has been heralded on the reggae top charts in 2004. It was said that Bounty Killer and Adijah had formed an alliance; however, this alliance was broken in 2006 when Adijah would perform with Bounty Killer’s ex girlfriend on a song called Yuh Know Yuh Baby Father, which prompted a feud between Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel.

The rapper would continue to become embroiled in disputes and feuds when he continued to work with an enemy of Bounty Killer called Beenie Man. Most everyone in the industry sees these types of inter artist feuds as quite childish and simply publicity stunts to gain attention although the rappers in the industry feel that they are real and deserve their attention. Bounty Killer and Adijah would go on to perform at a concert called The Sting and it was said that the two would lash out at each other through lyrical insults and shouts. These disputes would lead to Adijah becoming an outcast with the alliance once formed by the many dance hall rappers.

There were said to be actual gun play involved at certain night spots that the rappers would hang out at although these have never been officially verified by police. Again, many think that these types of feuds are merely public displays of wanton attention to get the groups into the public eye. However, the end of the disputes would later be published in a conference between Adijah and Mayado in a police chaperoned press conference.

Apparently, these claims of peace did not last and the two were said to be feuding on stage again tossing out insults to one another while at the Sting 2009 concert. The two would also produce albums and singles that would insult one another. Many of Adijahs fans can visit his website where they may find free music downloads or internet screenings of some of his music.

Did You Know

  • Vibes Kartel would release his first single as a teenager.

  • The name came from the word cartel, which has been attributed to South American drug traffickers.

  • The rapper one an award at the Caribbean Urban Music Awards in 2008.

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