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Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda, better known as Thalia, was born in Mexico City.  She joined children's music group known as Din Din when she was eight years old.  At thirteen,she played Sandy in the teen version of the stage show, Grease.  A mezzo soprano,


Thalia Songs List:

Song Album Released Listen
Piel Morena En Extasis 1995
Y Seguir Thalia 2002
Quiero Amarte Arrasando 2000
Bendita Lunada 2008
Juana En Extasis 1995
You Know He Never Loved You El Sexto Sentido 2005
Don't Look Back Thalia 2003
Te Quiero Tanto En Extasis 1995
The Mexican Thalia's Hits Remixed 2003
No Hay Que Llorar Arrasando 2000
Menta Y Canela Arrasando 2000
Asi Es El Destino Thalia 2002
Lagrimas En Extasis 1995
Me Faltas Tu En Extasis 1995
Loca El Sexto Sentido 2005
Fantasia En Extasis 1995
Tumba La Casa Arrasando 2000
Thalia - Amar Sin Ser Amada El Sexto Sentido
Es Tu Amor Amor A La Mexicana 1997
Insensible Lunada 2008
Baby, I'm In Love Thalia (English) 2003
La Revancha Con Banda: Grandes Exitos 2001
Reencarnacion Arrasando 2000
Sabe Bien El Sexto Sentido 2005
Thalia - Estoy Enamorada Canciones
Thalia Pedro Capo Estoy Enamorada
Cuando Te Beso Thalía En Primera Fila 2009
Echa Pa' Lante Amor A La Mexicana 1997
En La Fiesta Mando Yo Thalia 2002
Pata Pata Arrasando 2000
Cuando Tu Me Tocas Greatest Hits 2004
Ya Lo Sabia Primera Fila 2009
Te Deje La Puerta Abierta En Extasis 1995
No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti El Sexto Sentido 2005
Siempre Hay Carino Arrasando 2000
Cantando Por Un Sueno El Sexto Sentido 2006
Amandote En Extasis 1995
Sangre Caliente Lunada 2008
Accion Y Reaccion Greatest Hits 2004
You Spin Me 'Round Thalia 2002
thalia - Arrasando Amor A La Mexicana 1997
Gracias A Dios En Extasis 1995
24000 Besos El Sexto Sentido 2005
Un Alma Sentenciada El Sexto Sentido 2005
Sera Porque Te Amo Lunada 2008
Estoy Enamorado Thalía En Primera Fila 2009
De Donde Soy Amor A La Mexicana 1997
Suerte En Mi Arrasando 2000
Isla Para Dos Lunada 2008
Heridas En El Alma Thalia 2002


I have the best time all the time. It's like I believe my music is so happy that gives you enjoyment, you dance, don't worry about anything, forget about the stress. Let's have some fun like fiesta in Mexico.

The Early Years

Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda, better known as Thalia, was born in Mexico City.  She joined children's music group known as Din Din when she was eight years old.  At thirteen,she played Sandy in the teen version of the stage show, Grease.  A mezzo soprano, Thalia was able to juggle her music career with an active acting career in soap operas.  Two years later she joined another youth Latin pop group called Timbirche.

In 1990, at the age of nineteen, Thalia released her first album, simply titled Thalia, through Fonovisa Records.  Eventually, Thalia went platinum in Mexico. Her hits from the album included Un Pacto Entre los Dos, Saliva, and Pienso En Ti.  The album peaked at #1 in Mexico.  

A Successful Career

Thalia went on to release four studio albums and one compilation in the 1990s.  Each album was extremely successful, and she earned multiple platinum albums for her efforts.  Amor a la Mexicana, released in 1997, earned 20 platinum albums by itself.  Her compilation album, Nandito Ako, was released with a number of songs in English.  This served as the catalyst to grow her popularity in the United States as well as in Mexico.

Thalia toured aggressively in the 1990s to promote her albums, and played at festivals throughout Mexico, United States, and Latin America.  Simultaneously, she was becoming a household name across Mexico due to her active career, acting in soap operas.  She continued to record through out the first decade of the 2000s.  In 2002, her album, Thalia, was released in Mexico and Spain, with different cover art.  She also released an English version in the United States. Her label at that point, EMI remastered the English version and re-released it.  The album included four bonus tracks.

Still on Top

Through 2009, Thalia has released a career total of ten studio albums, four compilation albums, and one live album (released in 2009).  Her Latin pop dance music is wildly popular and her fans are fiercely loyal.  In addition to her music, she has acted in eight soap operas from 1996 through the present, plus three feature length movies.  

Singles are still being released from her live album at the end of 2009, each meeting unprecedented success.  She now sponsors a line of eyewear bearing her name, owned by Kmart.   While she has no tour dates set at the moment.  Fans should watch her website for regular updates.  Her hits are offered for mp3 download on various music sites.

Did you know . . .

  1. Thalia was voted to the 50 Most Beautiful People in People  in Espanal0 seven times.

  2. Thalia is also an author, having published two books to date.  

  3. Thalia has a contract with Hershey's and acts as their spokesperson for commercials aired in Mexico.

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