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Like many other musical artists, the country music singer was born under the name of Eilleen Edwards, which would eventually be changed to her stage name Shania Twain. She was born in the town of Windsor, Ontario but her parents would split at the age of two and her mother remarried,


Shania Twain Songs List:

Song Album Released Listen
From This Moment On Come On Over 1999
God Bless The Child The Woman In Me 1995
Shania Twain - When You Kiss Me Up! Disc 2 2002
Home Ain't Where His Heart Is The Woman In Me 1995
Still The One Shania Twain / Platinum Collection 2002
Ka Ching NhacCuaTui.Com 2010
I'm Gonna Getcha Good Up! 2003
Honey I'm Home Sing Best Of Country '98, Vol.1 2001
From This Moment From This Moment On [CD5/Cassette Single] 1998
Man! I Feel Like A Woman! Come On Over 1999
I Ain't No Quitter Greatest Hits 2004
What Made You Say That Shania Twain 1994
Something About The Way You Look Tonight Shania Twain
Rock This Country Come On Over 1999
If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask! Come On Over 1999
It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing Up! 2003
I Ain't Goin' Down Up! 2003
When You Kiss Me [Red] Up! [International Version] Disc 1 2002
I'm Gonna Getcha Good! Greatest Hits 2004
Two Hearts One Love The Complete Limelight Sessions 2001
Youre Still The One Top 100 Pop Love Songs 1997
Don't! Greatest Hits 2004
When Come On Over 1999
Raining On Our Love The Woman In Me 1995
Shania Twain - Any man of mine The Woman In Me 1995
Shania Twain - Thank you baby Up! Live Chicago - DVD Audio 2003
Amneris' Letter Elton John & Tim Rice Present: Aida 1999
I'm Not In The Mood ! Up! 2003
Party For Two Greatest Hits 2004
Youve Got A Way Notting Hill 1999
Today Is Your Day Today Is Your Day 2011
Dance With The One That Brought You Shania Twain 1994
Forget Me Shania Twain 1994
Come On Over Come On Over 1999
Any Man Of Mine The Woman In Me 1995
Thank You Baby Female Chart Hits, Vol. 5 2005
Shania Twain - Im Gonna Getcha Up! [Country Mixes -- Cassette]
You Lay A Whole Lot Of Love On Me Shania Twain 1994
Im Gonna Getcha Good Up 2002
Rock This Country! Come On Over 1997
Shoes Desperate Housewives: Original TV Soundtrack 2005
'If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask' Greatest Hits 2004
If It Don't Take Two The Woman In Me 1995
Crime Of The Century Shania Twain 1994
you got a way
There Goes The Neighborhood Shania Twain 1994
Don't Gimme That The First Time...For The Last Time 2011
Hate To Love The Complete Limelight Sessions 2001
Don't Sing Like Shania Twain, Vol.5 2005

Shania Twain

It’s important to give all you have when you have the chance.

Canadian Born

Like many other musical artists, the country music singer was born under the name of Eilleen Edwards, which would eventually be changed to her stage name Shania Twain. She was born in the town of Windsor, Ontario but her parents would split at the age of two and her mother remarried, which would change the last name of Edwards to Twain.

At a young age, to help supplement the family income, Twain would get a job at McDonald’s and begin singing in clubs and bars to help pay the bills. This was not her best time of life and would later confide in interviews that she disliked the road scene but music was her passion and would drive her to become one of the most honored female singers in country music.

The Career of Music

Her first break came at the age of fourteen when she was invited on to the CBC television show of Tommy Hunter. This would not gain her immediate success and Shania Twain went on to graduate high school before she would leave for better prospects in her musical career. Still under the name of Eilleen, she would first be discovered by a Toronto DJ who would write an article about her in Country Music News celebrating her powerful voice.

Twain was eventually whisked away to Nashville to create a more solid foundation in the country music community. She would begin performing as a back up vocalist until she met Eric Lambier and Randy Yurko, whom she would form a band with. However, she would not get her break for years to come. After touring and singing throughout the 1980’s, the 1990’s were on the horizon and still no true prospects for real success.

First Release

In 1993, she release her self titled album Shania Twain, which was released in Canada and the United States and climbed to number sixty seven on the Country Album Charts in the United States. The album was not an immediate success but would eventually go on to be certified platinum after her other successes within country music would help generate more interest in the album.

Her second studio album would be released in 1995 and was titled The Woman in Me that featured the single Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under, which would climb to number eleven on the Billboard Country Chart. The release of the single Any Man of Mine would go on to be her first number one hit later that year.

The album would go on to be a great success eventually selling over twelve million copies and would win a Grammy Award for Best Country Music Album. Her next album release titled Come On Over would eventually gain her cross categorical success and contained many hits such as Man! I Feel Like a Woman. This album would stay on Country Music Album Charts for over two years and sold forty million copies within the United States alone while selling thirty four million copies internationally.

Her career and success were now solidified. This would become one of the best selling country music albums of all time and now Shania Twain was touring relentlessly across North America to support her new found fame. She would go on to release many more albums over the next decade and win many more Grammy Awards for her efforts.

She would eventually be founded as one of the all time female country music singers. Her fans can follow her career and up coming tour dates on her official web page. Some of her music may be available as a free music download on many places on the internet.

Did You Know

  • Twain worked in a rustic construction business secluded in the deep woods of Northern Canada

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