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Song:Shake Shake Shake
Album:Lucky Day

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Song Album Released Listen
1 Shaggy Lucky Day 2002
Love How Them Flex Pure Pleasure 1993
What's Love Intoxication 2007
Mr Bombastic Mr Bombastic
Stand Up Clothes Drop 2005
Man A Man Riddim Driven - Strip Down 2005
Dance And Shout Hotshot Ultramix 2002
Mr. Bombastic Pure Pleasure 1993
End Of The World Summer In Kingston 2012
Walking In My Shoes Lucky Day 2002
Dance & Shout Hot Shot 2000
Sexy Gal Sampler 18 1998
Ultimatum Clothes Drop 2005
Soldiers Story Summer In Kingston 2011
Give Thanks Lucky Day 2002
Too Cute Shaggy & Friends 2011
Shaggy - Feel the rush Unknown
Wild 2Nite Wild 2nite 2005
Supa Hypnotic Clothes Drop 2005
Fired up feat Pitbull 2011
Lust Pure Pleasure 1993
Broadway Clothes Drop 2005
church heathen shaggy
Sexy Gyal Whind Sexy Gyal Whind 2005
Good Good Green Faces Riddim 2011
Sugarcane Sugarcane 2011
It Bun Me Pure Pleasure 1993
Mampie Pure Pleasure 1993
The Train Is Coming Mr. Lover Lover (The Best Of Shaggy, Part 1) 2002
mr lover Hot shot
Simple 2010
Woman Scorn Intoxication 2007
Sexy Weekend Sexy Back Riddim 2011
Don't Ask Her That Clothes Drop 2005
I Can't Fight This Feeling Birch Presents: Love Leaving 2010
Wave Ricky Blaze Presents The Party Vibe Riddim 2011
For Yur Eyez Only 2010
Dame 2
Gweh Green Faces Riddim 2011
Carolina Dance Remixes
It Wasn't Me Hotshot Ultramix 2002
Angel Hotshot Ultramix 2002
Hey Sexy Lady Lucky Day 2002
Piece Of My Heart Midnite Lover 1997
Oh Carolina Pure Pleasure 1993
Big Up Pure Pleasure 1993
Boombastic Boombastic 1995
Would You Be Clothes Drop 2005
That Girl Man With The Fun 1996
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