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One of the biggest reggae singers out there, Shaggy has turned the reggae music into one of the biggest music styles mixing a bit of R&B within the reggae tone. He has gone through various hardships only to overcome them and bring music to his fans ears filled with hope and love.


Shaggy Songs List:

Song Album Released Listen
Shaggy - Hey Sexy Lady (Remix) z
Strength Of A Woman Lucky Day 2002
Body A Shake Intoxication 2007
Shaggy - Church Heathen
Repent Clothes Drop 2005
it wasnt me Hot shot
Hot Shot Hot Shot 2000
Strange Love Lucky Day 2002
why me lord Hot shot
Shaggy - Sugarcane 2011
Bonafide Girl Bonafide Girl (Single) 2007
Mr Boombastic
Never Let Me Go Jolli Rancha Riddim 2009
Day Oh Boombastic 1995
Gone With Angels Clothes Drop 2005
Can't Fight This Feeling Shaggy & Friends 2011
Shake Shake Shake Lucky Day 2002
Sexual Healing Dance Box, Vol. 2 [Damian]
Mr. Lover Showtime: Motion Picture Soundtrack 2002
Church Heathen Intoxication 2007
Chica Bonita Hotshot Ultramix 2002
Luv Me, Luv Me Hot Shot 2000
Bow Wow Wow Pure Pleasure 1993
Intoxication Intoxication 2007
Ready Fi Di Ride Ready Fi Di Ride 2005
Hope Hot Shot 2000
For Your Eyes Only ft Alaine Golden Beats
Get My Party On Lucky Day 2002
Leave It To Me Hotshot Ultramix 2002
Long Time Street Bullies Riddim 2009
Tender Love Midnite Lover 1997
Save A Life (Main) Save A Life - Single 2009
Hot Gal Showtime Juggling 1998
Street Bullies Medley Street Bullies Riddim
Holla At You Intoxication 2007
All Virgins Pure Pleasure 1993
Too Hot To Handle Hotshot Ultramix 2002
More Woman Intoxication 2007
Freaky Girl Hotshot Ultramix 2002
Mad Mad World Intoxication 2007
All About Love Intoxication 2007
Give Thanks And Praise Pure Pleasure 1993
Love How Them Flex Pure Pleasure 1993
Gangster First Semester: Dancehall 2010
Those Days Intoxication 2007
Geenie The Best Of Shaggy 2008
Feel The Rush Feel The Rush (5-Track Maxi-Single) 2008
Nice & Lovely Pure Pleasure 1993
Can't Hold Me Intoxication 2007


 “Although sometimes I know it seems impossible, there ain't no need in drowning in your sorrow. If things are as bad as they can be, you can be sure there'll be a brighter tomorrow.”

One of the biggest reggae singers out there, Shaggy has turned the reggae music into one of the biggest music styles mixing a bit of R&B within the reggae tone. He has gone through various hardships only to overcome them and bring music to his fans ears filled with hope and love.

The Beginning to his Life

Shaggy was born named Orville Richard Burrell in October of 1968 in Jamaica. His was given his stage namefrom friends due to the character in Scooby Doo while he was a teenager. He and his family left Jamaica to Brooklyn, New York.

He found himself joining the Marine Corps in 1988 and served during Operation Desert Storm. This was where he was able to come up with his song Boombastic. He perfected his singing voice during the loud war, and sang for his buddies. He decided that he was going to go on to pursue a music career after returning from the war.


Starting the Career


In 1993, Shaggy came up with Oh Carolina, his first single. This was more of a dancehall remix of the Folkes Brothers. He performed on Kenny Dope’s album entitled The Unreleased Project. Work was done with various producers who helped him through his career. He worked with Done One and Sting International, Robert Livingston and Lloyd “Spiderman” Campbell. One of the bigger hits, Boombastic was placed on a Levi’s commercial as the theme song.


He came back in 2001 with major number one singles named It Wasn’t Me as well as AngelAngel was a remake, and mixture of the 1968 song Angel of the Morning by Merrilee Rush along with the Steve Millers Band’s 1973 song The Joker. Each of these hits that came from Hot Shot was up at number one on the UK album chart as well as the Billboard 200. His 2002 album Lucky Day as well as his album Clothes Drop in 2005 didn’t do well in comparison to the success of the previous top chart album. Lucky day went gold, but did not make it as far as its successor. Hey Sexy Lady helped to make the album a success in Europe.


More Recently in his Career

Shaggy decide to leave Universal. It was then that he released a new album that was with a record label that he had founded entitled Big Yard Records. In 2007, he sang along side of Cyndi Lauper at the Sonnet Music Festival in Singapore. It was during which they sang the song Girls Just Want to Have Fun. He was presented with the Jamaican Order of Distinction in the rank of Commander in 2007. In Antwerp in January of 2008, he performed in a concert alongside En Vogue and Natalia. UEFA in 2008 decided on Shaggy to make the anthem for the actual Mascots for the Euro 2008. It is a football tournament that is held in both Switzerland and Austria. He recorded Feel the Rush for them.


During 2008 during the summer, he found himself on VH1’s, I love the New Millennium. December of the same year, Intoxication got a nomination for the Best Reggae Album. August 2009, he performed at the Ottawa Reggae Festival in Canada. In late 2009, he released a new single, Fading Away that features Kevin Rudolf and Lil Jon. He is also plan on releasing Fly High that features Gary Pine, which will be released in December 2009. He got an invitation to perform at the Festival Creole. This event goes on every year in November and December on Mauritius Island.

Did you know…


  • … He remade the Scooby Doo theme song for the soundtrack, Shaggy, Where Are You?

  • … He recorded the theme for Showtime, a 2002 movie

  • … March 2007, he performed the official song of the ICC Cricket World Cup. The song was titled The Game of Love and Unity. This was performed with Rupee, Trinidadian Fay Ann Lyons, and was held in theGreenfield Stadium in Trelawny, Jamaica

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