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In 1965, in Hanover, Germany, guitarist Rudolf Schenker launched the beginnings of Scorpions.  In 1969, his brother, Schenker's brother, Michael, and vocalist Klaus Meine joined the band.  Three years later, they released their first album, Lonesome Crow.


Scorpions Songs List:

Song Album Released Listen
Holiday Lovedrive 1997
Always Somewhere Lovedrive 1997
When Smoke Is Going Down Blackout 1982
Scorpions - Holiday
Hey You Best Of Rockers 'N' Ballads 1989
Scorpions - Wind Of Change
Lonely Nights Face The Heat 1993
06 Still Loving You The Ultimate Gold Collection
Scorpions - Always Somewhere
Woman Deadly Sting: The Mercury Years 1997
Scorpions - Rock You Like a Hurricane
China White Blackout 1997
When The Smoke Is Going Down - Scorpions Live Bites 1995
Steamrock Fever Gold 2010
You Give Me All You Need Best Of Rockers 'N' Ballads 1989
Can't Live Without You Blackout 1997
Children Of The Revolution Comeblack 2012
Hour 1 Humanity, Hour 1 2007
Blackout Blackout 1997
Drifting Sun Hot & Hard 2009
Evening Wind In Trance 2009
Tainted Love Comeblack 2012
Vientos de cambio Lentos en Castellano -Volùmen I
SCORPIONS - Living for Tomorrow BEST BALLADS
Leave Me Lonesome Crow 2002
Hello Josephine
This Is My Song Best Of Scorpions Vol. 2 2009
Speedy's Coming Gold 2010
To Be With You In Heaven Crazy World 1990
Ave Maria No Morro Live bites 1995
Coast To Coast Lovedrive 1997
Humanity Humanity, Hour 1 2007
You Give Me All I Need Blackout 1997
Money And Fame Crazy World 1990
I'm Leaving You Love At First Sting 1997
Obsession Eye II Eye 1999
Far Away Hot And Slow 2009
Du Bist So Schmutzig Eye II Eye 1999
Crazy World Crazy World 1990
Is There Anybody There Live Bites 1995
Living And Dying Hot And Slow 2009
Love Will Keep Us Alive Humanity, Hour 1 2007
Lady Starlight Animal Magnetism 1997
Every Minute Every Day Savage Amusement 1988
I Can't Explain 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Scorpions 2001
White Dove Live Bites (1988-1995) 1995
Can't Get Enough Lovedrive 1997
Love Is War Humanity, Hour 1 2007
Cause I Love You Gold 2010


One thing hasn't changed, and that's the desire of young kids to go to a concert and see a great live band. This explains why we see a whole new generation of Scorpions fans, because they know we are still a band that delivers the goods live.

The Early Years

In 1965, in Hanover, Germany, guitarist Rudolf Schenker launched the beginnings of Scorpions.  In 1969, his brother, Schenker's brother, Michael, and vocalist Klaus Meine joined the band.  Three years later, they released their first album, Lonesome Crow.  They went on the road to promote the album, opening for the band, UFO.  Before the end of the tour, UfO offered Michael Schenker a position in their band as their lead guitarist, and he accepted.  The Scorpions brought in Uli Roth to replace him temporarily.

In 1974, with a new roster, Scorpions released Fly to the Rainbow.  Both of their first albums enjoyed moderate commercial success, as did their next two albums in 1976 and 1978. Their 1979 release, Lovedrive, which spawned their first hits, including Loving You Sunday Morning and Always Somewhere.  The album certified gold in the UK and peaked at #11 on the German rock charts.

Rising to Stardom

Their 1980 release, Animal Magnetism, their first album to hit the charts in the US, peaked at #52.  Immediately following the release of the album, lead singer Klaus Meine began having throat problems and required surgery.  After a complete recovery, Meine returned to the band, and in 1982, they released the album, Blackout.  The hit, No One Like You, launched the album to the Top Ten in Germany, Greece, the UK, and the US.

Three more albums through 1990 were enormously popular and commercially successful.  They toured extensively during this time, and their powerful live performances secured them the superstar status they had  earned with hits like Rock You Like A Hurricane and Still Loving You.  MTV gave their videos ample airplay and dubbed them The Ambassadors of Rock.  

Present and Future

Since 2000, Scorpions have released three more albums, the most recent being Sting in the Tail, in early 2010.  The album sold 18,500 copies in the first week, placing it at #23 on the Billboard Top 200.  In January of 2010, the band announced that this will be their last album, and the subsequent tour is slated to last three years,and will be farewell tour; they are retiring.

In 2009, they received Germany's ECHO honorary award for lifetime achievement.  A prolific and dynamic band, they were able to remain on top through three decades, with changing tastes and changing trends.  Nielsen Soundscan reports that the digital sales of Scorpions material showed a sharp rise following their retirement announcement.

Did you know . . .

  1. It is the habit of fans to refer to the band as “The Scorpions,” but the actual name of the band is simply “Scorpions.”

  2. During their 1988 Savage Amusement Tour, Scorpions were the second Western band to perform in the Soviet Union.  

  3. Scorpions have been known since their inception for their provocative and controversial album covers.  The cover of Lovedrive was awarded Album Cover of the Year by Playboy Magazine in 1979.

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