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R Kelly would grow up on the streets of the south side of Chicago where he learned to sing from his mother who was a singer in the Baptist church choir. He would go on to begin singing at the young age of eight years old and although he would attend a good high school, he did not graduate.


R. Kelly Songs List:

Song Album Released Listen
Number One Number One 2009
R. Kelly - Radio Message Love letter 2010
Trapped In The Closet 13-22 Trapped In the Closet
When A Woman Loves When A Woman Loves 2010
r. kelly - your body's callin (remix) R kelly 1994
3-Way Phone Call Happy People/U Saved Me 2004
I Believe I Believe 2008
Heaven I need a hug Loveland
R. Kelly - I Wish The R. in R&B Collection, Vol. 1 2003
Sex In The Kitchen Road Trip, Vol.3 2005
i believe i can fly The Power Of Love
Heaven Chose You 12 Play: 4th Quarter 2008
I'm A Flirt Remix Double Up 2007
Same Girl Double Up 2007
Seems Like You're Ready Slow Mix
Honey Love The R. In R&B Collection, Vol.1 2003
Bump & Grind Playful Gestures - The Best of R.Kelly 2004
Naked The Best Of Both Worlds 2002
R. Kelly - Ignition sex jams pt.3
Trapped In The Closet Chapter 6 Trapped In The Closet 2005
A Women's Threat Chocolate Factory 2000
R. Kelly duet with Usher - Same Girl 2000
Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby. Baby... R. Kelly 1995
Kickin' It With Your Girlfriend TP.3 Reloaded 2005
Thank God It's Friday R. Kelly 1995
The Zoo Double Up 2007
Loveland Chocolate Factory Loveland 2003
Real Talk Double Up 2007
Slow Dance Remix City Volume 1 2005
Just Can't Get Enough Love Letter 2010
Freaky In The Club Double Up 2007
Havin' A Baby Double Up 2007
Use To Me Spending In Too Deep: Music From The Dimension Motion Picture 1999
Let Your Light Shine Let Your Light Shine 2005
Ringtone Double Up 2007
Gotham City [Remix] The R. in R&B Collection, Vol. 1 [UK Bonus CD] Disc 2 2003
Love Street Happy People/U Saved Me 2004
Slow Wind [Remix] Remix City, Vol. 1 2005
Not Gonna Hold On R. Kelly 1995
Sweet Tooth Double Up 2007
Fireworks WWW.iM1MUSIC.NET 2010
In those jeans Unknown album
Bad Man R. KELLY
Leave Your Name Double Up 2007
Best Friend Double Up 2007
Been Around The World Chocolate Factory 2003
Be Happy R. Kelly 1995
Not Feelin' The Love Love Letter 2010
So Magical Chess Not Checkers 2011
Double Up Double Up 2007

R Kelly

Not only did I get an A in music, I got an A in ladies.

Windy City

R Kelly would grow up on the streets of the south side of Chicago where he learned to sing from his mother who was a singer in the Baptist church choir. He would go on to begin singing at the young age of eight years old and although he would attend a good high school, he did not graduate. Instead he took to the streets where he would sing for tips around the Hyde Park area near the L Trains.

He would go on to form a musical group with his good friend Marc Williams in 1989 called MGM. The two would team up with other friends and get their break on the television show called Big Break where they would enter and win the one hundred thousand dollar top prize.

Career Start

After their great start on the television show, MGM and R Kelly would begin recording in the studio under Taydash records and release the single called Why You Wanna Play Me. This single did not receive much acclaim from critics although it would generate enough attention to ink the group a record deal with Jive Records in 1991. Kelly would go on to form another group called Public Announcement and would release their debut album called Born in the 90’s in 1992.

This was during what was to be called the new jack swing era and the album would feature the hit song She’s Got That Vive. The tour would have a number of singles on this first record and then would tour in support of the album. The tour was called 60653, which was the zip code of R Kelly’s neighborhood that he grew up in. Although he would enjoy the group, Kelly would eventually leave in 1993 to pursue his own solo career.

He would go on to be founded by a man who was known as black mamba and would help Kelly produce his first solo studio album called 12 Play. The album would feature the hit single called Bump n’ Grind and would go on to the number one position of the R&B singles charts and sit there for almost twelve weeks. The album would contain other hits and would go on to be certified platinum six times. After this success in soloing, Kelly would try his hand at production with the up and coming fifteen year old female Aaliyah as well as producing a remix for Janet Jackson’s hit Any Time, Any Place.

Continued Success

R Kelly would not lose sight of his own career and produce his self titled album shortly after his work in productions. The album would contain singles such as You Remind Me of Something and Down Low. The album would prove to be a success and his greatest as of yet in his career. It would be certified multiple times platinum selling over four million copies and would later be featured on the cover of Ebony magazine, which claimed him to be the new ”King of R&B.”

He would embark on a tour of the country gaining more and more fans with every stop. Throughout Kelly’s career he would continue to be successful even to the present day. He has been involved in some controversies but his many fans would not leave him even when found guilty of certain deviant behaviors. His records continue to sell throughout the present.

He would release his most current album called Untitled in December of 2009 and was on a new record label called Jive Records. Kelly’s many fans can find more information on his upcoming tours and new works by visiting his official website where they may also find free music downloads or possibly internet screenings of his songs.

Did You Know

  • Kelly would marry the up coming singer Aaliyah when she was only fifteen years old but it would later be annulled when it was discovered that she had faked her age on a number of documents.

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