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Album:Plies - I Fuck With The DJ

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Song Album Released Listen
Put It On Ya Da REAList 2010
Goonette Goon Affiliated 2010
Rich Folk Definition Of Real 2008
Plenty Money Da REAList 2010
Me & My Goons Da REAList 2010
Dat Bitch Definition of Real
All Black Da REAList 2010
Kept It Too Real The Real Testament 2009
Pants Hang Low Da REAList 2010
#1 Fan Definition Of Real 2008
Ol' Lady Definition Of Real 2008
Ms. Pretty Pussy 30 Days 2010
The Real Testament Intro The Real Testament 2009
Make A Movie Da REAList 2010
Watch Dis Definition Of Real 2008
Dear God Plies - The Real Message 2011
plies ft keri hilson - medicine
Somebody Definition Of Real 2008
Heard Of Me Da REAList 2010
Get You Wet The Real Testament
Who Hotter Than Me Who Hotter Than Me 2009
Letter To The Industry Goon Afillated
Down Bitch Plies - I Fuck With The DJ 2011
Know Something 30 Days 2010
Family Straight Da REAList 2010
100 Years The Real Testament 2009
You Ain't Nothing Trap Music 2010
2nd Chance Da REAList 2010
Dear Boosie Plies - The Real Message 2011
Crying In The Shower no chaser
Hustle All Day 30 Days 2010
Kitty Kitty Goon Affiliated 2010
Whatever I Say Goon Affiliated 2010
1 Mo Time The Real Testament 2009
Gotta Be Da REAList 2010
I'm Da Man Definition Of Real 2008
Good Dick Goon Affiliated 2010
Me Love Johnny Shipes & Goodtalk Presents: The Recession Specioal, Vol.4 2009
Boosie You Need People Like Me(Hosted By Dj Scream) 2010
Money Straight The Real Testament 2009
Goons Lurkin The Real Testament 2009
GOIN STEADY What the streets been missing
Me Ho Plies - You Need People Like Me 2010
36 Ounces 30 Days 2010
STRESSING Unknown Album
Go Live Goon Affiliated 2010
Bust It Baby Pt 2 Plies Needs Luv Too
All Out Need People Like Me 2010
Runnin My Momma
Letter Goon Affiliated 2010
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