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Nelly was born in Austin, Texas and was raised by his single mother. Nelly started writing raps at a very age and along with his school friends created a band that performed locally in Austin. The band called them selves St. Lunatics


Nelly Songs List:

Song Album Released Listen
Fly Away The Longest Yard: Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture 2005
Nelly - Just a dream Lyrics Brass Knuckles 2008
Nobody Knows ft. Anthony Hamilton Sweatsuit 2005
St. Louie Country Grammar 2000
Utha Side Country Grammar 2000
E.I. Country Grammar 2000
Ride Wit Me Country Grammar 2000
Splurge Nellyville 2002
Luven Me Country Grammar 2000
Pimp Juice Nellyville 2002
Nobody Knows Suit 2004
Wrap Sumden Country Grammar 2000
Die For You Suit 2004
Batter Up Country Grammar 2000
Say Now Nellyville 2002
Nelly - Hot In Here
Just A Dream [] 2010
Dilemma Nellyville 2002
N Dey Say Suit 2004
On The Grind Nellyville 2002
Wadsyaname Wadsyaname 2007
Nelly - Over And Over ft. Tim McGraw
Air Force Ones Nellyville 2002
Nelly - Grillz
Na-NaNa-Na Sweat 2004
Nelly - Ride Wit Me
Must be the Money Country Grammer 2005
Paradise Suit 2004
My Place My Place 2004
Nellyville Nellyville 2002
Heart Of A Champion Sweat 2004
Hot In Herre Nellyville 2002
Nelly - Body On Me ft. Ashanti, Akon
Warrior Warrior 2008
Not In My House Hot In Herre 2001
Stepped On My J'z Stepped On My J'z 2008
One And Only 2012-03-30 2047
Flap Your Wings Sweat 2004
Derrty Ent 5.0 2010
In My Life Suit 2004
Just A Dream Lyrics On Screen HD
U Ain't Him Brass Knuckles 2008
Nothing Without Her 5.0 Deluxe 2010
Self Esteem Brass Knuckles 2008
She's So Fly feat. T.I. 5.0 2010
Hot in here Nellyville
Nelly - Long Gone Mogul Remixes 5
Chill Brass Knuckles 2008
Getcha Getcha Sweat 2004
Just A Dream - Just A Dream

Nelly – The Mayor Of Nellyville

“On my first record, I rapped about me being on the block every day and hanging out in the 'hood, basically doing a bunch of nothing. And then I sold eight million albums. So I can't still be rapping about hustling for money to eat or I'll sound like a real idiot.” Nelly

Early Life

Nelly was born in Austin, Texas and was raised by his single mother. Nelly started writing raps at a very age and along with his school friends created a band that performed locally in Austin. The band called them selves St. Lunatics

By 2001, Nelly recorded the album “Free City” for Universal Records. After the release of Nelly’s first album there was renewed interest in Free City which pushed the album to the million mark in sales.

Mainstream Success

Universal Music executives knew that it was Nelly from within the band that had the talent and the tenacity to work on a solo album and make it big. Nelly started recording his solo album throughout 2000 and released “Country Grammar” preceded by the title sing which was a major hit. The single reached the top of the US rap charts and peaked at No. 7 on the US Mainstream Hot 100 charts. It was unique rapping style which had a southern twang due to his Missouri roots that was unheard of. The video for the single received phenomenal MTV airplay. The albums other singles, “Ride with Me”, “EI” and “Batter Up” were all hits. The album finally managed to reach No.1 on the US albums charts and has sold a staggering 9 million copies worldwide. This was one of the highest selling debut rap albums of all times.

The Dilemma Success

Nelly started recording his follow-up album and due to the heavy expectations, the record label involved just about everyone they could. The album was produced by The Neptunes and a host of other producers featured Destiny’s Child star Kelly Roland. The album Nellyville” was released in 2002 and it debut straight into the top of the US charts. The song “Dilemma”, a soulful hip hop melody featuring Kelly Roland was a global smash! The song was in fact a last minute addition for the album and he wanted to sing it with a female voice. The carefully pop friendly tune debut at No.10 on the US Hot 100 but skyrocketed to the top once the video was released. It reached No.1 on the singles, RnB charts and rap charts simultaneously.

The album sold 6 million copies and cemented Nelly’s place in the Rap world. He was not from the East Coast vs. West Coast rap fraternity nor was he part of the typical rap production style. If anything, his music was more pop oriented focusing on melodies. Nelly would write songs and then his delivery style would be rap. This unique arrangement was a break-away from the usual rap production. The single “Hot in Here” was also another smash No.1

Twin Peaks

Nelly released two albums “Sweat” and “Suit”. “Suit” debut at no.1 on the Billboard US charts and “Sweat” came in at No.2. Nelly released an unlikely duet with country music star “Over and Over” which became a huge cross over hit. He would perform the song live with Tim McGraw during the country music stars NBC special

The album “Suit” sold 3 million copies in the US while its twin “Sweat” would be a million seller. In just 4 years Nelly had sold nearly 20 million albums in the US alone. The video for “Trip Drill” created quite a stir for its blatant sexual imagery

He released a single “Grillz” which was continued the phenomenal success by reaching No.1 on the US charts

The Return

Nelly was one of most successful rap stars of the new millennium. He branched into acting and played a supporting role in the Adam Sandler movie “The Longest Yard”. He also released his energy drink called pimp juice. He returned after a 4 year break with the release of “Brass Knuckles” in Sept 2008. there was huge anticipation for the album, it debut at No.3 on the charts a huge disappointment. The album did not feature any major hits like his previous albums. The single “Party People” featuring Fergie was also a disappointment. The album cover showing the new pumped-up toned torso of Nelly; the album made it to Gold status

Nelly’s commercial success has put him in the top 10 most selling artist of the last decade.

  • Nelly starred in 2005 movie The Longest Yard with Adam Sandler and Burt Reynolds.

  • Nelly has a variety of business interests such as owning the clothing line Apple Bottoms and co-owner of the NBA team Charlotte Bobcats who is principally owned by Michael Jordan

  • Nelly has its own well established charity work that began in 2003 by Nelly and his sister who died of leukemia in March of 2005

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