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Kutless from Portland, are one of the finest Christian rock bands in the last decade. The band has toured all over the US and Europe. Their music is more direct and they do not hide about the message they want to spread in the world. This is about putting God into everything you do.


Kutless Songs List:

Song Album Released Listen
To Know That You're Alive To Know That You're Alive 2008
This Is Christmas O Come All Ye Faithful 2010
Run Kutless 2002
Heart of the Innocent Livr From Portland
Even If Believer 2012
The Feeling To Know That You're Alive 2008
Mary Did You Know X Christmas 2008
Everything I Need It Is Well 2009
Down Kutless 2002
Redeemer It Is Well 2009
Saved Kutless 2002
Strong Tower Strong Tower 2005
You To Know That You're Alive 2008
God Of Wonders It Is Well 2009
Hungry It Is Well 2009
All ALone Sea Of Faces 2004
I Do Not Belong To Know That You're Alive 2008
It Is Well It Is Well 2009
Loud To Know That You're Alive 2008
What Faith Can Do What Faith Can Do (Single) 2009
All Of The Words Strong Tower 2005
Dying To Become To Know That You're Alive 2008
Better For You Sea Of Faces 2004
Complete (Radio Version) Complete (Radio Version) (Single) 2008
In Me Kutless 2002
Arms Of Love Strong Tower 2005
Grace And Love Kutless 2002
Word Of God Speak Strong Tower 2005
Troubled Heart Sea Of Faces 2004
Ready For You Strong Tower 2005
Jesus Lord Of Heaven Strong Tower 2005
Take Me In Strong Tower 2005
It's Like Me Sea Of Faces 2004
Let You In Sea Of Faces 2004
Kutless - Vow Kutless
Passion Sea Of Faces 2004
The Rescue To Know That You're Alive 2008
All Who Are Thirsty Strong Tower 2005
Not What You See Sea Of Faces 2004
Promise You To Know That You're Alive 2008
Vow Kutless 2002
The Disease & The Cure To Know That You're Alive 2008
Tonight Kutless 2002
Need Believer 2012
We Fall Down Strong Tower 2005
Your Touch Kutless 2002
Remember Me It Is Well 2009
Draw Me Close Strong Tower 2005
Sea Of Faces Sea Of Faces 2004
All The Words Sea Of Faces 2004

Kutless – Oregon Rockers For Christianity

The Rock Crusaders

Kutless from Portland, are one of the finest Christian rock bands in the last decade. The band has toured all over the US and Europe. Their music is more direct and they do not hide about the message they want to spread in the world. This is about putting God into everything you do. The band plays its music with a lot of passion and sense of purpose when it comes to their live shows. The band has released 4 full length albums which have sold 1.2 million copies in the US.

The Name and the Formation

The roots of the band can be traced to group called Call Box in the year 2000. The band have gone through several line-up changes, following are current band members Jon Micah Sumrall, James Mead, Jeffrey Gilbert, Dave Luetkenhoelter

and Nick De Partee.

After touring and jamming for a few years they released their first three EPs with the Christina rock record label BEC Records. Prior to the release of the EPs the band decided to change their name, also prompted by the record label.

The band takes its name from a Bible reference. In Romans 6:23 says "For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord”. The band says that Jesus took the our cuts for us and therefore leaving us “Kutless” The band started with resounding success, their fist single “You’re Touch” has created a history on the R&R charts by the being the longest charting single history.

The band released their second album in 2004 titled “Sea of Faces” to glorious reviews. The song “Treason” appeared at No.1 on the Online Radio. They toured all across America after the release of the album. The band chose to deeper into the path of righting more Christian songs and therefore released their first ever worship album titled “Strong Tower”. The album marked a distinctive change in their approach to music and songwriting. They were focusing on classic hymns, spiritual music praise with guitar drivel rockers. The music is deeply moving and passionately personal. The band went on a Strong Tower which was well received

The Kutless World

The band went into an intense recording phase for their follow-up album. The album “Hearts of the Innocent” was released in March 2006. The album received great response and was critically hailed as their best work till date. Melodic hard rock with deep rooted songwriting that conjured up raw emotions towards religious beliefs, Kutless had grown leaps and bounds. The fist thumping evangelistic view point was subtle and the bands guitar power chords were well directed.

On the NBC hit show “Scrubs” the Kutless song “All of the Words” was played at the finishing moments which contributed to the shows 11 weeks highest rating. Even the studio executives agreed that Kutless song added to nuance of the show and in turn gave the band nation wide mainstream attention.

In 2007, long time guitarist Ryan Shrout decided to leave the band to focus on family like. His new born daughter had an eye problem which prompted Shrout to stay home with the family. The band decided to continue recording and added Nick De Partee as a replacement for the departed Shrout. Partee had been involved with the band as their guitar tech and everyone felt comfortable in him joining the band

The Future

In 2009 they released their fourth album “It is Well” which was again a worship album. The album again got fabulous reviews from critics and the new direction towards modern rock fitted well within the bands trademark sound. The band is currently on own a headlining tour across North America. They have also been roped in to make a headlining appearance at the “Ultimate Event” Christian concert at the Alton Towers theme park in England

  • The video for the band’s single “Shut Me Out” was a freebie for the customers which bought Microsoft’s XBOX

  • Suzuki Motors of Japan announced that they will be sponsoring the tours by the band

  • In 2004, the band were scheduled to play at the Summer Olympics in Greece but did not make it due to the flights being cancelled

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