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Artist:Kid Rock
Album:Born Free

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Song Album Released Listen
Sheryl Crow Kid Rock Picture Born Free 2010
Blue Jeans And A Rosary Rock N Roll Jesus 2009
Cowboy Devil Without A Cause 1998
kid rock born free
Rock N Roll Jesus Rock N Roll Jesus 2009
Lonely Road Of Faith Modern Rock, Vol.8 2005
Roll On Rock N Roll Jesus 2009
All Summer Long Rock N Roll Jesus 2009
Cocky 'Live' Trucker 2011
Only God Knows Why Modern Rock, Vol.3 2004
Cadillac Pussy Kid Rock 2011
Bawitdaba Woodstock '99 1999
Devil Without a Cause Devil Without a Cause 1998
Amen Rock N Roll Jesus 2009
Half Your Age Rock N Roll Jesus 2009
So Hott Rock N Roll Jesus 2009
Sweet Home Alabama
Hillbilly Stomp Kid Rock (Parental Advisory) 2011
Kid Rock - American BadAss
Country Boy Can Survive Fire It Up 1994
Rock On Born Free 2010
Collide Born Free 2010
Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp 'Live' Trucker 2011
Sugar Rock N Roll Jesus 2009
I Am Kid Rock (Parental Advisory) 2011
God Bless Saturday Born Free 2010
Forever Modern Rock, Vol.3 2004
Born Free Born Free 2010
Midnight Train To Memphis Cocky 2011
When It Rains Born Free 2010
American Badass The History of Rock
Rock N' Roll Pain Train 'Live' Trucker 2011
Back from the Dead The Polyfuze Method 1993
3 Sheets To The Wind (What's My Name) The History Of Rock 2011
Black Bob Kid Rock (Parental Advisory) 2011
Picture 'Live' Trucker 2011
Wasting Time Devil Without A Cause 2011
Slow My Roll Born Free 2010
Trucker Anthem Cocky 2011
Kid Rock - Only God Knows Why
Lowlife Rock N Roll Jesus 2007
Rock Bottom Blues Born Free 2010
Baby Come Home Cocky 2011
Single Father Kid Rock 2011
Fuck that
I Walk The Line
Care Born Free 2010
U Don't Know Me Polufuze Method 1993
Intro Kid Rock (Parental Advisory) 2011
Somebody's Gotta Feel This Devil Without A Cause 2011
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