Download and listen to "Thinkin' Bout My Ex"
Song:Thinkin' Bout My Ex
Artist:Janet Jackson
Album:Damita Jo

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Song Album Released Listen
Discipline Discipline 2008
That's The Way Love Goes Janet 2000
Let's Wait Awhile Control 2007
Warmth Damita Jo 2004
Janet Jackson - Would You Mind All for You 2001
Feels So Right All For You 2001
Rhythm Nation Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 2007
Lonely Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 2007
Got 'Til It's Gone The Velvet Rope 1997
Any Time, Any Place Janet 2000
The Body That Loves You Janet 2000
Anything The Velvet Rope 1997
Doesn't Really Matter All For You 2001
Funny How Time Flies Control 2007
Alright Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 2007
When We Oooo All For You 2001
Can't B Good Discipline 2008
Velvet Rope The Velvet Rope 1997
Control Control 2007
New Agenda Janet 2000
Empty The Velvet Rope 1997
You Want This Janet 2000
I Get Lonely The Velvet Rope 1997
Trust A Try All For You 2001
All For You All For You 2001
Throb Janet 2000
Greatest X Discipline 2008
Whoops Now Janet 2000
Together Again The Velvet Rope 1997
Morning Janet 2000
Moist Damita Jo 2004
Where Are You Now Janet 2000
Special The Velvet Rope 1997
Love Will Never Do Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 2007
LUV Discipline 2008
This Time Janet 2000
Never Letchu Go Discipline 2008
Tonight's The Night The Velvet Rope 1997
What About The Velvet Rope 1997
China Love All For You 2001
Curtains Discipline 2008
State Of The World Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 2007
Love Scene All For You 2001
You The Velvet Rope 1997
What'll I Do Janet 2000
Rope Burn The Velvet Rope 1997
Rain Janet 2000
So Much Betta Discipline 2008
Free Xone The Velvet Rope 1997
Rollercoaster Discipline 2008
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