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Friends Ricky Munoz and Rene Martinez started the band, Intocable (Untouchable),  in the early 1990s.  They released an album in 1993, entitled Simplemente . . . Intocable (Simply Untouchable), which, by and large, was ignored.  Their follow-up album, Fuego Eterno, released in 1994,


Intocable Songs List:

Song Album Released Listen
Para Siempre Intocable 1998
Que Facil Es Amarte 2C 2008
prometi intocable 2011
Y No Me Quieres Fuego Eterno 1994
Me Deje Caer 2C 2008
La Mentira Otro Mundo 1995
Que Esperabas Crossroads: Cruce De Caminos 2006
Una Navidad Sin Ti Navidad En Mi Pueblo 2006
Jamas Te Dije Suenos 2002
No Cuentes Conmigo 2011 2011
Dejate Amar Diez 2005
Me Dijiste Te Quiero 2011 - 2011
Ahora Que Te Perdi Diez 2005
Estoy Enamorado Contigo 1999
Voy A Extranarte Suenos 2002
Dame Un Besito Crossroads: Cruce De Caminos 2006
Te Amo Diez 2005
Muy A Tu Manera Suenos 2002
- Arrepientete Intocable 2011 2011
El Amor IV 1997
Hoy Duele Contigo 1999
Fuego Eterno Fuego Eterno 1994
Ensename A Olvidarte Es Para Ti 2000
Aprendi A Vivir Otro Mundo 1995
En Mil Pedazos Llevame Contigo 1996
Te Esta Doliendo Llevame Contigo 1996
Sonador Eterno Contigo 1999
Pensandolo Bien 2C 2008
Quiero Llenarte Intocable 1998
Hay Ojitos Hay Ojitos (Single) 2009
Para Que Volver Es Para Ti 2000
Dejame Amarte Es Para Ti 2000
Es Para Ti Es Para Ti 2000
Me Haces Tanto Mal Es Para Ti 2000
Que Pena IV 1997
Siempre Al Final Nuestro Destino Estaba Escrito 2003
Basto Crossroads: Cruce De Caminos 2006
A Oscuras Diez 2005
Alguien Como Tu Suenos 2002
Voy A Tener Que Olvidarla Es Para Ti 2000
Es Alguien Mas Diez 2005
Llevame En Tu Viaje 2C 2008
Por Que No Le Dije 2C 2008
Piensalo Bien Intocable 1998
A DONDE ESTABAS Encuentro de Titanes 2003
Vuelve Mi Amor Crossroads: Cruce De Caminos 2006
Con Mis Alas Rotas Es Para Ti 2000
Dime Que Me Amas 2C 2008
Invisible Nuestro Destino Estaba Escrito 2003


Currently, Intocable could very well be the most influential group in Tejano, and their tough Tejano/Norteño fusion has become the blueprint for dozens of Tex-Mex groups. The group's strengths, which include romantic hooky melodies, and tight instrumentation and vocal harmony is consistently being imitated by a list of other great Tejano and Norteño groups.

A Rocky Start

Friends Ricky Munoz and Rene Martinez started the band, Intocable (Untouchable),  in the early 1990s.  They released an album in 1993, entitled Simplemente . . . Intocable (Simply Untouchable), which, by and large, was ignored.  Their follow-up album, Fuego Eterno, released in 1994, was also dismissed as a knock-off on the famous Norteno musician, Ramon Ayala.  

Four more albums were released through the 1998; the band began gaining some attention as a group of musicians in their own right, and record sales began to increase.  Then, in 1999, two members of the band and their manager were killed in an auto accident in Monterey, Mexico.  The other members suffered serious injuries, resulting in weeks of hospitalization and recovery.  Six months later, however, they launched a sold out tour to promote their 1999 album, Contigo, which was enjoying the commercial success they had been seeking.

Building Momentum

Their 2002 album, Suenos, was their first album to reach #1 on the Billboard Latin Hits chart.  The album stayed at #1 for four weeks and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Mexican/Mexican American Album.  The following year, Intocable released Nuestro Destino Estaba Escrito, which also went to #1 and gained another Grammy nomination.  The band had taken a step toward stardom; their fan base in Mexico and southwest United States was growing, as were their record sales.

In 2003, they played a series of four sold-out shows at Mexico City's Auditorio Nacional, followed by two sold-out dates at the Monterrey Arena in Monterey, Mexico.  Each of these shows packed in crowds of 10,000 and more.  These were unprecedented crowds for a Norteno band, who usually played dance halls and festivals.  Their 2004 album, Intimemente, again hit #1 on the Billboard charts and won the Grammy Award for which they had been nominated twice before.  

On Top

Intocable has recorded four more albums since 2004, including 2006's Crossroads: Cruce de Caminos, their fourth album to hit #1 on the Latin charts.  It was released as a CD and as a CD/DVD set.  They launched a United States tour in March of 2010, and will be recording again upon their return.

Singles are available for download on their official website and on various other music sites, in mp3 format or for ringtones.  Their website also has a fan forum; the sheer numbers of posts attests to the number of fans the band has accrued.

Did you know . . .

  1. Intocable's single, Mi amigo que se fue, meaning “My Friend is Gone,” is dedicated to the band members who were killed in the automobile accident.

  2. The band has won one Grammy Award, and has been nominated for six others, most recently, Best Nortena Album in 2008.

  3. Intocable wrote and recorded Contra Viento y Marea, the theme song for the Univision soap opera by the same name.

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