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Creed’s music has been one of the big success stories of late nineties. The Christian rock spirituality and razor sharp guitar solos, perfect production and the raspy voice of Scott Stapp made Creed into international superstars. Creed has enjoyed worldwide fame and commercial success.


Creed Songs List:

Song Album Released Listen
One Last Breath Greatest Hits 2004
My Own Prison Greatest Hits 2004
Six Feet From the Edge Weathered 2001
Wherever you will go
With Arms Wide Open (Acoustic) Creed
Torn Greatest Hits 2004
My Sacrifice Sing Like Nickelback & Creed 2007
One Greatest Hits 2004
Weathered Greatest Hits 2004
Are You Ready Greatest Hits 2004
Lullaby Weathered 2001
Bullets Greatest Hits 2004
What If Greatest Hits 2004
Signs Weathered 2001
Illusion My Own Prison 1997
What's This Life For Greatest Hits 2004
Never Die Human Clay 1999
6 Feet From The Edge
Ode My Own Prison 1997
Creed - Higher Human Clay
Unforgiven My Own Prison 1997
Don't Stop Dancing Greatest Hits 2004
Faceless Man Human Clay 1999
Say I Human Clay 1999
Young Grow Old WWE Forceable Entry 2002
Hide Weathered 2001
Beautiful Human Clay 1999
Bound And Tied Deadman On Campus
Stand Here With Me Weathered 2001
Inside Us All Human Clay 1999
Creed - Say I Human Clay 1999
arms wide open Live 2009
Pity For A Dime My Own Prison 1997
Freedom Fighter Weathered 2001
In America My Own Prison 1997
Creed - One Last Breath jeff
The Song You Sing Full Circle 2009
Is This The End Scream 3 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2012
Creed - Riders On The Storm Woodstock '99
CREED - Don't stop dancing Album
Away In Silence Full Circle 2009
Good Fight Full Circle 2009
Full Circle Full Circle 2009
Rain Full Circle 2009
With Arms Open Wide Álbum desconhecido
I'm Eighteen The Faculty: Music From The Dimension Motion Picture 1998
Dont Stop Dancing Weathered
Creed - Six Feet From the Edge Weathered
Higher (Acoustic) Acoustics & Rarities

Creed– With Arms Wide Open To The World

Creed was ended by egos and people wanting to do their own thing and poor decision-making.” – Scott Stapp

The Creed World

Creed’s music has been one of the big success stories of late nineties. The Christian rock spirituality and razor sharp guitar solos, perfect production and the raspy voice of Scott Stapp made Creed into international superstars. Creed has enjoyed worldwide fame and commercial success. The band has sold an astonishing 38 million albums worldwide. The song “With Arms Wide Open” and its epic styled video is considered a defining moment for Alt rock in the nineties.

They have often criticized by mainstream press for covertly using their Christian rock roots and over producing them into larger than life anthems. Creed live in a parallel world where there are lambasted for writing clichéd driven lyrics but loved and worshipped in the MTV modern rock arena. The album “Human Clay” seemed to have given rock music the much needed 1000 watts of rock guitar shock and helped revive its genre’s flagging sales.

Creed Begins

The formation of the band can be traced when High School class mates Scott Stapp and Mark Tremonti, decided to start a band. They recruited Scott Phillips on drums and Brian Marshall or bass. Tremonti started playing guitar at the age of 11 and taught himself chords by listening to Metallica and Led Zeppelin.

The Creed Breakthrough

The four members started writing music and rehearsing together. By 1996 they had played several small key gigs in Orlando. They released their first album “My Own Prison” in Aug 1997. The release was completely independent as they had not signed with any major record label. The album was being distributed to rock radio stations in Orlando. They signed to Wind-Up Records a label in Florida. They re-released the album nationwide and it was a surprise Top 40 debut on the US Album Charts. By 1998 “My Own Prison” had been certified multi-platinum and had peaked at No. 22 on the Billboard 200.

The title single and “Torn” were hits on the Mainstream Rock tracks reaching No. 2 and 3 respectively. But it was the single “What’s This Life For” that brought them nationwide recognition. It was No.1 on the Mainstream rock charts. The album has sold 6 million copies to date.

The Creed Rapture

In early 1999 Creed started recording the follow-up to the first album. The writing was predominantly positive albeit cautious as compared to the first album. Scott Stapp had become a father and he was thinking of his now responsibility as a father and teaching his young son when he wrote “With Arms Wide Open”. The single along with “Higher” were massive hits. “With Arms Wide Open” made it all the way to No. 1 on the mainstream Hot 100 singles in an era dominated by hip/hop and RnB. The song also managed to win the Grammy Award for the Best Rock Album

The album debut straight into the top of US album charts and has become one of the biggest selling albums of the nineties. The album has gone to sell a staggering 11 million copies in the US alone. The album has sold 22 million copies worldwide. This success catapulted the band to international rock stardom.

Brian Marshall was dismissed from the band just before the tour and was replaced by a touring bassist Brett Hestla. Two years on, the band released “My Sacrifice” which reached No.4 on the US Hot 100 charts and No.1 on the Mainstream rock charts. “One Last Breath” was another hit reaching No.6 on the US hot 100 Singles. The album “Weathered” was their second No.1 debut on the US Album charts. It has sold 12 million copies world wide.

Break-Up and Reunion

During the tour to support Weathered Scott Stapp developed a habit for pain killers which lead to the infamous incident in Chicago where he performed one song while lying on his back. The internal strife within the band started unraveling.

It was announced in 2004, that Creed had disbanded. Tremonti, Phillips and Marshall went on to start Alter Bridge and Scott Stapp started writing and recording a solo career. The record label released a Greatest Hits package which was certified 2 million.

After a gap of 6 years the band announced on their website that they will be going on tour in 2009 and releasing a new album. The original 4 performed for the first time in nearly 10 years for the AOL sessions where they played their classic hits. Releasing “Full Circle” in Oct 2009, it debut at No.2 on the album charts receiving mix reviews and somewhat of a commercial disappointment. But the tour has been a huge hit playing sold out shows all over the world.

Creed is commercially one of the most popular bands in America. And with no longer having Jesus hairstyle, Scott Stapp is easily one of the most powerful singer songwriter in Rock

  • Did you Know: Scott Stapp challenged Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit to an opening boxing match after Durst and made derogatory statements about the Creed

  • Did you Know: Scott Stapp posted a cover version of U2’s Running to Stand Still”

  • Did you Know: Creed recorded the song “Riders on the Storm” for the Stoned Immaculate tribute album for The Doors

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