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Song:Dancehall Queen
Artist:Beenie Man

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Song Album Released Listen
Oh Na Na Na Na Bearshare 2005
Gimme Gimme Gimme Best Of The Best - Garrison Series 1 2009
Turn Around Total Togetherness Vol. 4 1995
Sugar Plum Plum Split Personality Riddim 2010
- beenie man - hmm hmm Gully slime riddim
Lets Go To The Beach (()) (()) 2011
Miss L.A.P. Tropical Storm 2002
Drinking Rum & RedBull DJ Young Chow "No Stopping Me" Mixtape
Steve Biko Many Moods Of Moses 1997
Blackboard Maestro 1996
Red Red XXX Dancehall Anthems 2007
Beenie Man & Versatile - My Money A Mine Set mi free riddim
Inna Di Gogo Club WWW.iM1MUSIC.NET 2011
Batty Man FI Dead Scoobay Riddim 2004
Tear Off Mi Garment Blessed 1995
Dutty Wine Gal Undisputed 2006
I'm Ok Strictly The Best Vol. 43 2010
Trouble Maker Bounce Mega Mix 2000
Street Life Tropical Storm 2002
Chaka Dance Don Corleon Presents - Dancing Feva 2009
Miss L.a.p Riddim Driven - Buy Out 2001
My Woman Undisputed 2006
King of Dancehall Back to Basics 2004
New Suzuki Strictly The Best Vol.17 1996
Beenie Man - Suga Plum Plum - Seanizzle - Split Personality Riddim Split Personality Riddim
Number One Dancehall Xplosion '99 1999
Gimmie Gimmie Dhat Mi Sae 2008
CALL ME Gear Box Riddim
Memories Reggae Gold 95 1995
Sketel Shadow Catalog Riddim 2010
Beenie Beenie Dutty Gamez Riddim 2011
Gaza Me Say Enemy Lines & Friendly Fire 2011
L.o.v.e Riddim Driven: Sexy Lady Explosion 2003
Murderer Too Experience 1998
Oysters And Conch Cloak And Dagger Riddim
Kingston Hot Triple Spin, Vol.1 1998
Kette Drum Digital B Music LTD Presents: Culture Mix Vol.1 2008
Praise Him Youth Quake 2001
Row Like A Boat From Kingston To King Of The Dancehall: A Collection Of Dancehall Favorites 2005
Nah Bow Red Roze Music Ltd. Presents: Raggedy Joe Best, Vol.1 2008
One Girl Riddim Driven - Extasy 2001
Woman I Love You January Morning Riddim 2009
Hypocrite Best Of The Best Vol.1: Roots Culture Dancehall 1998
Hey Best Of Beenie Man 2000
Da Idiot Song Deh War Monger Riddim 2011
Could A Neva
Yuh A Di Baddis Birch - Bruk Up Riddim 2009
Young Bud Take Over Riddim 2011
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