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Song:You And Me
Artist:Alice Cooper
Album:The Essentials

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Song Album Released Listen
Teenage Lament '74 A Fistful Of Alice 1997
Public Animal #9 School's Out 2005
The Awakening Welcome To My Nightmare 2011
Dead Babies Killer 2005
King Herod's Song Andrew Lloyd Webber 60 2008
Hurricane Years Hey Stoopid 1991
Second Coming Love It To Death 2005
Lace And Whiskey Lace And Whiskey 2007
Roses On White Lace Prince Of Darkness 1998
The Black Widow Welcome To My Nightmare 2011
Freedom Prince Of Darkness 1998
Blow Me A Kiss Brutally Live 2000
Elected The Essentials 2002
Because Grim Facts 2010
The World Needs Guts Constrictor 1992
I'm The Coolest Goes To Hell 2005
Steven Welcome To My Nightmare 2011
Wrapped In Silk Along Came A Spider 2010
Keepin' Halloween Alive Keepin' Halloween Alive 2011
Vengence is Mine Along Came A Spider
Prince Of Darkness Prince Of Darkness 1998
You Drive Me Nervous Killer 2005
This House Is Haunted The Eyes Of Alice Cooper 2008
Raped & Freezin' No More Mr. Nice Guy / Raped & Freezin' 2010
Woman Of Mass Distraction Live At Montreux 2005 2008
Your Feminine Side Along Came A Spider 2010
Years Ago Welcome To My Nightmare 2011
Lock Me Up Prince Of Darkness 1998
Only Women Bleed Welcome To My Nightmare 2011
Lullaby The Last Temptation 1994
You Gotta Dance Goes To Hell 2005
The Ballad Of Dwight Fry The Nightmare Returns 2009
Escape Welcome To My Nightmare 2011
Some Folks Welcome To My Nightmare 2011
My Stars School's Out 2005
The One That Got Away Along Came A Spider 2010
Under My Wheels (Live) Classicks 1995
Hello Hooray Billion Dollar Babies 2010
You Look Good In Rags Special Forces 2007
Love At Your Convenience Lace And Whiskey 2007
You're My Temptation Super Hits 1999
Vicious Rumours Special Forces 2007
Guitar Hero 3 - School's Out
Millie And Billie From The Inside 2007
Nothing's Free The Last Temptation 1994
Inmates From The Inside 2007
Wicked Young Man Theatre Of Death - Live At Hammersmith 2009 2010
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Killer 2005
Lost In America Super Hits 1999
Sick Things Billion Dollar Babies 2010
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