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Artist:Alice In Chains

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Song Album Released Listen
Down In A Hole Dirt 1992
Check My Brain Check My Brain 2009
Dirt Dirt 1992
Rain When I Die Dirt 1992
Junkhead Dirt 1992
Sickman Dirt 1992
Whale & Wasp Jar Of Flies 1994
Hate To Feel Dirt 1992
Don't Follow Jar Of Flies 1994
Swing On This Jar Of Flies 1994
Rotten Apple Jar Of Flies 1994
Sludge Factory Alice In Chains 1995
Dam That River Dirt 1992
Over Now Alice In Chains 1995
Head Creeps Alice In Chains 1995
Shame In You Alice In Chains 1995
God Am Alice In Chains 1995
Nothin' Song Alice In Chains 1995
Grind Greatest Hits 2001
I Know Somethin Facelift 2008
Sunshine Facelift 2008
Would? Greatest Hits 2001
Brush Away Alice In Chains 1995
Your Decision Black Gives Way To Blue 2009
Alice In Chains - Check My Brain Black Gives Way to Blue 2009
Lying Season Music Bank 1999
I Can't Remember Facelift 2008
It Ain't Like That Facelift 2008
So Close Alice In Chains 1995
Alice In Chains - Heroin Alice In Chains
Love Song Sap 1995
Real Thing Facelift 2008
A Looking In View A Looking In View 2009
Suffragette City Working Class Heroes 2000
Killing Yourself Music Bank 1999
Godsmack Dirty Toy Land 03-03 1993
When The Sun Rose Again Black Gives Way To Blue 2009
Put You Down Facelift 2008
Black Gives Way To Blue Black Gives Way To Blue 2009
Last Of My Kind Black Gives Way To Blue 2009
Love, Hate, Love The Essential Alice in Chains Disc 1 2004
Bleed The Freak Facelift 2008
Lesson Learned Black Gives Way To Blue 2009
Whatcha Gonna Do Music Bank 1999
Fear The Voices Music Bank 1999
Acid Bubble Black Gives Way To Blue 2009
I Can't Have You Blues Music Bank 1999
Private Hell Black Gives Way To Blue 2009
Take Her Out Black Gives Way To Blue 2009
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